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Blankside Hoist - ISM Jib Hoist

Increased cavity centres results in heavier tooling on I.S. Machines. An increase in industrial injury claims results in costly pay outs. With cramped conditions and low head heights the blankside of an I.S. Machine provides the most demanding environment for the fitting of a hoist system. ISM solved this problem with a low profile hoist system that has minimal impact on head height, provides flexible area coverage and is capable of lifting up to 150kg.

  • Low profile track that can be integrated into the lower shear platform
  • Rotating joint allows items to be swung in and out of the machine and access to the central sections which are often restricted by the cullet chute
  • Extending jib gives up to 1400mm (55 inches) coverage from the centre of the track
  • Low voltage 110VAC or 240VAC single phase electric hoist
  • Other applications - workshops for workbench access for assembly/repair, feeder platform for refractory installation/removal, annealing lehrs for fan removal/installation and many more where access is difficult and a flexible hoist is required.
    Below: Blankside Hoist - ISM Jib Hoist
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