A small Selection of
I.S Maintenance
Spare Parts

Top left:
Cartridge Block

Below Left: Plunger Mechanism
Spare Parts: Moulder Holder
Moulder Holder :Above Right
Above Left: Wind Cooling Damper

Spare Parts

Our spare parts production capabilities are rapidly increasing. The list below gives a basic overview and the leaflet in the Downloads section gives some more details.


  • Simple, adjustable thermocouple stands.
  • Manifolds, burner tips, elbows and washers.
  • Forehearth casings and superstructures.
  • Reduces loading faults.


  • Spares for types 81, 194, 503 and 515 feeder setups including the shear mechanisms.

I.S. Machines

  • Spares and mechanisms for 4-1/4", 5", 5-1/2" and 6-1/4" machines.

I.S. Machine variables

  • Blank and blowside mould carriers.
  • Baffle, funnel and blowhead arms.
  • Take out tong heads.
  • Fabricated wind cooling components.

Second hand spares

  • We have a large range of second hand variable equipment and spares including items for older or obsolete machines
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